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When it has to be fresh on arrival

When it’s essential that your goods are fresh on arrival, you should choose DTK Frigo A/S as your transport partner. We provide refrigerated transport, frozen transport, time-critical and express transport of fruit, vegetables, fresh fish and other foodstuffs all over Western Europe, Scandinavia and UK.

Contact us straight away, whatever the scope of your task.

DTK Frigo A/S always has a truck that’s up to the task. We’re experts in providing temperature-regulated and time-critical transport throughout Western Europe, Scandinavia and UK.

We’re particularly adept with regard to transport to and from Norway, in addition to which we make lots of trips to and from Italy, the UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. We always run with the latest equipment and exclusively use EURO6 trucks in our fleet. This ensures that we can get around in those cities and districts in which particularly strict requirements are stipulated with regard to emissions from the trucks.

We’ve grown up in the business and know what it’s about. So with DTK Frigo A/S as your transport partner you can be sure that your goods will arrive on time – every time!

We keep our promises
and always arrive on time
At DTK Frigo A/S your transport tasks will be solved exactly as you’ve agreed with us. Your permanently assigned customer contact has all the requisite decision-making competence to arrange exactly how we solve your transport task, thus ensuring that we always arrive on time with the right equipment – both when collecting goods and delivering them!

This is particularly important when it comes to the transport of food, fresh productz and other types of temperature-critical transport tasks. Because you speak directly to those making the decisions and not a call-center, you can be sure that agreements are followed to the letter – and that we understand what you’re ordering. This provides peace of mind with regard to your refrigerated, frozen or time-critical transport – peace of mind which is helped by the fact that you can follow the transport all the way from when we load your goods onto the truck until we deliver them.

Built on 30 years’ experience with transport and logistics

Although DTK Frigo A/S is a relatively new transport firm from 2017, we’re built on almost 30 years’ experience of transport and logistics. DTK Frigo A/S is part of the DTK Group, which is a continuation of Dansk Transport Kompagni A/S.

The firm was founded almost 30 years ago by Susanne and Peter Provstgaard. They were known for their honest and customer-oriented approach to their tasks, good business acumen and the fact that their word was their bond – without exception! DTK Group is based on a partnership model in which each of the companies in the group has ambitious and passionate employees as co-owners.

We can therefore provide a wide range of solutions within transport, freight-forwarding and warehousing/logistics tasks through our sister companies both at home and abroad.

A business partner you can grow with

If you have transport tasks other than refrigerated, frozen and time-critical transport, we can also deal with these. This will take place through the same customer contact you usually speak to. This means that with DTK Frigo A/S and the other companies in DTK Group, you get a solution within transport and logistics you can count on.

So if you need to outsource your warehousing and logistics tasks or need extra warehouse space for a period, we can help you with this. This also applies if you need to have dry goods or other types of general cargo, full truck loads or less than full truck loads transported anywhere within Europe’s borders.

DTK Frigo A/S is therefore a business partner you can grow with and which will also be your first choice if you have other acute or temporary transport or logistics needs. Just ask us, and we’ll find the right solution!


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