Refrigerated and frozen transport

Refrigerated and frozen transport on time – every time!

Refrigerated and frozen transport is the solution when you need to have fresh and perishable goods transported either chilled or frozen. DTK Frigo A/S covers the whole of Western Europe, Scandinavia and UK. We’re experts in the transport of fresh fish, vegetables and other foodstuffs.

If your fresh goods are to arrive safe and sound, it’s vital to choose a transport partner who keeps his word – and who follows exactly what’s been agreed to the letter. Even minor temperature variations or incorrect freezer temperatures can have a significant influence on the freshness and shelf life of the goods that you need to have transported. That’s why it’s so important that the transport firm complies exactly with what’s been agreed – and that the transport begins and ends at the agreed time and place.

When a deal’s a deal

You can be sure of such a transport partner with DTK Frigo A/S. You’ll be assigned a permanent contact who knows your business and the fresh goods in great detail. At the same time, the person concerned has the requisite authority and competence to enter into a binding agreement with regard to how your refrigerated or frozen transport is to be carried out.

It’s your contact person who also gets things moving in practice. We don’t use a call-centre, but we have people who have practical experience and in-depth knowledge of how different types of fresh products and other perishable goods should be transported correctly.

At DTK Frigo A/S there are no questions left hanging in the air when the discussion is over; you get clear information … and can be sure that what you’ve agreed will be carried out to the letter.

New equipment and two drivers on all transport assignments

By using DTK Frigo A/S you can also rest assured that your goods will always be transported exactly as agreed. We always run with the latest equipment. None of our many refrigerator trailers are more than three years old. And if we rent external equipment, we also make sure that it’s less than three years old. This means that all our refrigerated and frozen transports run with the latest – and most eco-friendly – technology that can be adjusted with great accuracy – and which maintains the set temperature correctly along the entire route. This provides the best possible guarantee that your fresh goods will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

All our trucks comply with the strict EURO6 environmental requirements. This means that we can drive in even the most restrictive environmental zones. So when you choose DTK Frigo A/S, you’re sure that your transport has the lowest possible pollution and can be delivered right to the door. Furthermore, we always drive with two experienced drivers on all transport assignments. Your goods therefore reach their destination as quickly as possible and in the most reassuring manner. There’s thus always a fresh driver behind the wheel who knows everything about how refrigerated and frozen transport should be carried out correctly.

Transport throughout Western Europe, Scandinavia and UK.

At DTK Frigo A/S we’re specialists in transporting fresh fish from Norway and Denmark to the rest of Europe. The majority of the fresh goods we transport are driven express to Italy, Greece, the UK, France and Benelux.

In terms of import, we primarily transport vegetables, fruit and other types of fresh products from the same destinations to Scandinavia.

Of course, we also transport goods to other destinations in Western Europe and Scandinavia with refrigerated and frozen  transport if you require this. Furthermore, we also operate time-critical and express transport with, for example, flowers and other products where time is a critical factor.

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